About Mikayla Bamford
MIKAYLA BAMFORD is a writer and editor, and more importantly, a book fanatic. She studies writing and publishing at RMIT University and has been published in the Bowen Street Press. She’s a chronic crier who writes fiction and creative non-fiction that’s afflicted with angst. In her spare time, she tries to manage the hair pulling process of terra-forming her Animal Crossing island.
A collage of images, including the suburban review Issue 19 cover, a textured orange rectangle, and a black and white illustration of Icky Brothers. Icky's self-portrait shows them wearing dark rimmed glasses, a nose ring, a beanie or hat and a dark jumper. Icky's hair flares out from under the hat/beanie, and seems shorter at the front and longer than shoulder length curling over their shoulders from the back. They have rosy cheeks and a slightly poked out tongue.

Q&A with Icky Brothers

February 9, 2021 Mikayla Bamford

ICKY BROTHERS was born in Bristol, UK and is currently living and working on unceded palawa land, lutruwita. They are a trans–nonbinary, multi-disciplinary artist best known for their analogue and illustrative drawings. Through fine-liners and […]