Author name: Megan Payne

Megan is a writer, editor, dancer/choreographer, living on unceded Wurundjeri land.


Q&A with Linda Ogonowski

Our Associate Editor Megan Payne talks to Linda about her work, ‘The “Abject” Body Revolts!’, published in #28: LEAVEN.

Q&A with Shubhangi Singh

Our Associate Editor Megan Payne talks to Shubhani about her fiction piece, ‘Mother versus Mother’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Carmen Hau

A photograph of photographer Carmen Hau set against a collaged background of tiled construction, with a yellow emoji with its thumbs up and an image of the cover of #24: UGLY. Carmen stands outside, in front of an outdoor playground. She wears a white cap and shirt, has her arms crossed, and peers into a camera screen, mounted on a pole. 'AHH!' and 'NEW ISSUE OUT NOW!' is hand scrawled in white pen across the entire image.

Our Associate Editor, Megan Payne, talks to Carmen Hau about her photograph, ‘Sperm in the Head’, published in #24: UGLY.

Q&A with Em Readman

Our Intern, Megan Payne, talks to Em Readman about their fiction piece ‘Almost All of It’ published in #23: Puncture.

Q&A with Lucy Zhang

Our Intern, Megan Payne, talks to Lucy Zhang about her fiction piece ‘Cog’ published in #22: Organise & Mobilise.