Author name: Megan Anderson

MEGAN ANDERSON is a South African-born, New Zealand-bred and Melbourne-based writer who edits The Blue Corner, Going Down Swinging's curated blog. She has published non-fiction in places like artsHub, Voiceworks, SPOOK and The New Zealand Herald, and has read fiction and poetry at Splinters and Newstead Short Story Tattoo.



I can’t believe I’m at this desk again: this cruel, sandwich-crust-covered desk in front of the same rude screen that’s shaking ever so slightly like it’s on crack and whispering the pain of a thousand headaches to come

Fashion Face

Ra hadn’t the city since he’d moved to New York, but when I took him to Coney Island his eyes lit up like a child talking about birthdays. We squinted in the sun and walked up and down the boardwalk and waded in the sea with a desperate joy