Author name: Maya Pilbrow

MAYA PILBROW is the Media Manager for The Suburban Review. Maya studies languages, linguistics, and history at The University of Melbourne. She is involved as a subeditor and contributor for The University of Melbourne-based history journal Chariot. She is fascinated by the role language plays in decolonising the social sciences. In her spare time, she is a musician and avid pop-culture enthusiast.

Q&A with Stephanie Ochona

STEPHANIE OCHONA is a Filipino multidisciplinary illustrator and writer based on unceded Woi Wurrung land. Her creative work explores diaspora and belonging. She is currently completing her Masters in Design, Innovation and Technology at RMIT.  Our Associate Editor, Maya Pilbrow, talks to Steph about her comic ‘Ripple Effect’. Your comic is a masterclass in abstraction […]

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Q&A with Niamh Schofield

NIAMH SCHOFIELD is 22-year-old goatherd from Tasmania in a round-about way. She recently started working at an office, has stress warts, and lives in a weatherboard house with her family and six geese, next to what used to be an old dump, somewhere in the Murray. There, she has found kangaroo tail bones and an

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Artz Blitz 2021

Maya, Kingston Council Mayor Steve Staikos, and one of the writing prize winners Erica Louise stand together smiling in front of a patterned, painted wall. Maya is wearing a multi-toned brown jacket over a patterned blouse, as well as brown pants, and has her long, dark, wavy hair swept forward over her right shoulder. Steve Staikos has glasses and a short, well-kempt beard, and is wearing a navy suit over a white shirt unbuttoned at the neck. Erica Louise has mousey brown and blonde hair falling over her shoulders, and wears black pants and a black shirt with beige crane silhouettes on it. Erica is holding a certificate, and Maya is holding some speech notes.

The Suburban Review had the good fortune to be able to collaborate with Kingston Arts on Artz Blitz 2021, a community art competition for all ages. It’s a fantastic event, with some of the most thoughtful and creative works we’ve ever seen, and we’re so excited to work with the winners of the adult creative

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Q&A with Katie Bowie

The grey background is superimposed with the cover of The Suburban Review #20 on the right. On the left is a photo of Katie. She is wearing a red top and smiling directly at the camera.

KATIE BOWIE is a poet who daylights as a teacher. When she isn’t writing or at the chalkface, she can be found binging TV drama from the late 90’s or inhaling whole trays of donuts. She lives in Sydney with no pets and no children which, considering the conditions of the COVID pandemic, seems for

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Q&A with Vince Ruston

A photo of Vince is superimposed on a white background. On the left is a strip of orange rugged texture and a thumbnail of The Suburban Review #19 cover. The photo focused on Vince at the bottom of the frame. Vince is smiling as she looks over her shoulder. Her hair is blonde and pulled away from her face. In the background is a cream upholstered seat.

VINCE RUSTON dabbles in writing across all forms. They also dabble in editing, gardening, feminist philosophy, and witchcraft. They live on Wurundjeri land with their feline daughter, Persephone. They have been published in Kill Your Darlings, Scum Mag, Rabbit Poetry Journal, and others. They were a 2020 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow. Our Associate Editor

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