Author name: L. B. Hazelthorn

L. B. is a writer and editor. They read poetry with Overland and concoct fictions about demons, dreamers, and secret languages. They’ve spent half a lifetime in imaginary worlds, leaving behind a trail of aliases and unfinished Arts degrees, and now live in lutruwita/Tasmania. Their hobbies include baking brownies and simping over villains.


Q&A with Sofia Sabbagh

Our Associate Editor L.B. Hazelthorn talks to Sofia about her comic, ‘Picking Mallow’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Sarah Pearce

Our Associate Editor L.B Hazelthorn talks to Sarah about her poem, ‘into the woods’, published in #26: REVEL

Q&A with Alshaad Kara

A square headshot of Alshaad Kara is set against a bubbly background of neon yellow, orange and green. Alshaad is smiling, and the top of his grey jacket collar and white shirt are visible. 'Juice' is written in cursive lettering at the top of the background banner. Below, typed text reads: 'Interview: Alshaad Kara'. in the bottom right corner is 'The Suburban Review' logo.

Our Associate Editor L.B Hazelthorn talks to Alshaad Kara about his pair of poems, ‘Drinks’, published in #25: JUICE

Q&A with Jessie Berry-Porter

A headshot of writer Jessie Berry-Porter against a collaged background of tiled construction, a yellow emoji with its thumbs up and an image of the cover of #24: UGLY. Jessie is looking at the camera, holding her knees into her chest. She has short dark hair (possibly tied up), a sleeper nose ring, and a black adidas jumper with white stripes down the sleeve. 'AHH!' and 'NEW ISSUE OUT NOW!' is hand scrawled in white pen across the entire image.

Our Associate Editor, Luna Hazelthorn, talks to Jessie Berry-Porter about her poem, ‘Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Doesn’t Make You Stronger, It Just Doesn’t Kill You’, published in #24: UGLY.

Q&A with Wing Yau

Our Associate Editor, Luna Hazelthorn, talks to Wing about their poem ‘Us (in a corporate poem)’ published in #22: Organise & Mobilise.