About Luna Hazelthorn
Luna is a fiction writer and poet living in lutruwita Tasmania. At the age of four she swallowed a thesaurus and has been a pretentious git ever since. She writes about demons, dreamers, and imaginary languages, and can often be found chewing on a cheap pen.

Q&A with Wing Yau

August 26, 2021 Luna Hazelthorn

Our Associate Editor, Luna Hazelthorn, talks to Wing about their poem ‘Us (in a corporate poem)’ published in #22: Organise & Mobilise. […]


Q&A with Jalen Lyle-Holmes

July 4, 2021 Luna Hazelthorn

JALEN LYLE-HOLMES is a writer, performing artist, and computer science student based in Melbourne. His writing has been previously published in Voiceworks magazine, and his writing for theatre has been performed at La Mama, in […]