Author name: Lucy Van

Lucy writes about poetry and photography. She is a post-doctoral researcher in the English and Theatre Studies program at the University of Melbourne, and an editor at Cordite Poetry Review. Lucy also writes lyric and prose poems, and has set words to music with Coastal Shelf, Leo James and Laila Sakini.


LUCY VAN #4: The Clouds 2

I was able to move from nostalgia to time travel. It was like breaking a physical law, or a universal taboo

LUCY VAN #3: Another Sky

How do events find the right words?
Talking to you is like birds:
shaking leaves and swooping territory

LUCY VAN #2: London Court

Jousting knights on the hour Di, you know the statue was Walter Raleigh   Yagan clicks, shopping for kilt and Scotch finger   a mother in the rain the end of a piano lesson how quickly the day goes how wicked—   why here, why now? A quarter hour, a half hour what is it …

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LUCY VAN #1: The Paper

of the sticky post-Granville carriage
Green brightening the north-bound line
Whoop! Time’s woman of the future