Author name: Lora Subotic

Lora is a writer and editor living in Narrm. Her work has been featured in Demure magazine, The City Journal, and published by the Bowen Street Press. She was a recipient to the inaugural Ultimo Prize with her poetry included in the prize anthology Everything, All At Once. Her work focuses on transnationalism of second-generation refugee children, the inheritance of memory, and the futile search for ‘home’. She likes to read her work aloud to her cats. They like it less.


Q&A with Kerri Shying

headshot of Kerri Shying is set against an orange-hued photograph of steel tea kettles sitting on a fire. Kerri is wearing brown glasses, a pink headscarf, and a multicoloured t-shirt printed with paintings of people and plants. Kerri is sitting in front of a multicoloured painted background and smiling. Text below the photograph reads ‘AN INTERVIEW WITH Kerri Shying’.

Our Associate Editor Lora Subotic talks to Kerri about their poem, ‘thank you for the photos’, published in #30: SPICE.

Q&A with Kristian Radford

Our Associate Editor Lora Subotic talks to Kristian about his poem, ‘Evening Anecdote’, published in #29: ITCH.