Neighbourhood Watch

Panel 13: Some more apartment buildings are seen against the sky. Their windows are empty, but some clouds can be seen in the sky. Text: "I've heard she knows how to visit condo-developers in their dreams at night, and scare them senseless with torturous nightmares." Panel 14: A construction site. A lone tree,and one streetlamp stand sentry. Birds fly past in the sky. There is some grass growing on the ground, on what looks like mounds of earth. Safety cones, safety barriers, and some big fences obstruct movement. Text: "I've heard she knows how to make a bulldozer malfunction with a single glance." Panel 15: Another streetcorner, another store front. A woman with a shawl over her hair sits alone on a bench on the street. Text: "She's been living in the neighbourhood for as long as anyone can remember, but I heard her landlord's looking to sell the building." Panel 16: At a quiet intersection of streets, some trees and the corner of a small fenced garden can be seen. Across the street is a two-storey brick building. Text: "I don't know where she'll go, then."

A four-page comic ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ by Lee Lai, for The Suburban Review #15 Suburbia.

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