Author name: Dinu Kumarasinghe

DINU KUMARASINGHE is Deputy Editor (Prose) at The Suburban Review and studied law at The University of Melbourne and Politics and English Literature in her undergraduate degree. She has been published in Voiceworks and De Minimis and is interested in migrant and First Nations experiences, in both literature and law.


Q&A with Miriam Jones

The camera application screen on a smart phone has been edited to read "The Suburban Review Issue #17: THEFT". The image captured by the camera shows a background of varying greys, like paintbrush strokes. In the foreground of the image captured by the camera, Miriam Jones smiles out of a square of scenery, behind her are suburban houses and green grass.

Our ex-Deputy Editor (Prose) Dinu Kumarasinghe interviews Miriam Jones about her non-fiction piece ‘We Live in Sydney’ for #17 THEFT. Read the interview here.

Q&A with Sam Elkin

A close-up photo of a person, their head and shoulders are in frame. They have light skin, short brown hair, and are wearing a red top with thin black stripes on it. They have a relaxed smile on their face. The background is out of focus, but there seem to be white cupboards and a white door.

Our Deputy Editor (prose), Dinu, interviews Sam about ‘Tops’, published in #16 UNFUNDED.

Q&A with Christy Tan

Christy Tan - Suburban Review Issue #14 Contributor

Our Prose Editor Dinu Kumarasinghe interviews #14: DETRITUS contributor Christy Tan

Q&A with Rida Abbasi

Our Prose Editor Dinu Kumarasinghe interviews #14: DETRITUS contributor Rida Abbasi