A pastel yellow border on the left of an abstract pattern. Aqua and dark yellow leaves are splashed across a golden background. There are fluid lines of white dots flowing across the pattern in different directions. A photo of Nick Whittock is superimposed on the righthand side. Nick is looking directly into the camera. He is wearing a cap and has a flowing beard. In the background is the vague outline of a forest.

Q&A with Nick Whittock

October 22, 2020 Holly Isemonger

Our Guest Editor for #18 REGIONAL VOICES Holly Isemonger interviews Nick Whittock about his poetry suite ‘Chainsaw Poems’ for #18 REGIONAL VOICES. Read the interview here. […]

Seafoam green bordered the abstract pattern. Aqua leaves splashed across a golden background, lines of white dots flow across the pattern in different directions. Claire Collie smiles out of a rectangle backdrop of a rustic wooden wall, tinged with a moss green.

Q&A with Claire Collie

October 12, 2020 Panda Wong

Our Associate Editor Panda Wong interviews Claire Collie about her non-fiction piece ‘Loneliness, Boredom, No Normal’ for #18 REGIONAL VOICES. […]

The camera application screen on a smart phone has been edited to read "The Suburban Review Issue #17: THEFT". The image captured by the camera shows a background of varying greys, like paintbrush strokes. In the foreground of the image captured by the camera, Miriam Jones smiles out of a square of scenery, behind her are suburban houses and green grass.

Q&A with Miriam Jones

October 1, 2020 Dinu Kumarasinghe

Our ex-Deputy Editor (Prose) Dinu Kumarasinghe interviews Miriam Jones about her non-fiction piece ‘We Live in Sydney’ for #17 THEFT. Read the interview here. […]