Pozible Campaign for #16: UNFUNDED

Previous eight covers of The Suburban Review overlaid with text "#16: UNFUNDED"

Our final issue for 2019 is almost here! The Suburban Review #16: UNFUNDED has a very literal title because, well, our funding has not been renewed. This means that we don’t have any external funding to help us produce this issue. Our belief at TSR is that it is important to be transparent about the challenges we face in producing a beautiful, high-quality, quarterly creative journal. To nobody’s surprise, funding is the number one challenge.
But, we won’t be letting a lack of external funding get in the way of publishing quality work! We’re returning to our tried and tested strategy to produce and fund TSR: Pozible. If you value a robust, independent publishing industry in Australia, please consider pre-ordering a copy of #16: UNFUNDED, or purchasing any of the other fantastic rewards on offer here. We have published 15 issues of amazing art and writing over the last 7 years, and we are proud of our firm commitment to remunerating creative labour. We know that the Australian (and international) reading community has a hunger for the incredible creative work we publish.
The Suburban Review #16: UNFUNDED is our continued commitment to shocking, soothing, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and downright zany creativity no matter what the obstacles. Our obstacle right now is funding, yet we remain resolute in our goals. We will publish amazing work, we will pay our contributors, and we’ll craft a magazine so beautiful that it will (hopefully literally) knock your socks off!
So we ask you, the hungry public, to help us continue to create our exquisite magazine and to support a sustainable and diverse publishing industry—pledge to TSR #16! Pre-order TSR #16: UNFUNDED, subscribe, or choose from any of our fantastic rewards. Tell your friends, encourage your libraries, everyone deserves to read The Suburban Review!
Publication of TSR #16 is estimated at mid-December 2019—so pre-order for yourself and your friends and get a delightful present right in time for your summer holiday!
Want to know more about about submissions? And for the creatives who are curious, submissions are open until 30 November 2019: thesuburbanreview.com/submit/.