SPILL/AGE#1: The Sissy with a Thousand Faces

Artwork by Mossy

Life’s a game of dress up

and inside my closet? A world’s worth of people

to be possessed by and to possess

a closet with a million lived and unlived lives.

The closet I once hid inside.


In my yellow cotton pyjamas

I am every little fairy who went looking for the forbidden,

feet treading the ground with a tingling silence

mother can’t know I’ve been in her makeup again,

a wink to myself, mother won’t know I’ve been in her makeup again.


In my studded leather jacket and arse hugging jeans

I am George Michael and his cruising disciples

who pray, knee bent by the hole, humming faithful psalms,

for man to come through the darkness

whose sweet wine we left to our lips, body, and soul.

In my clacking stiletto heels paired with unshaven legs

I am your queen, a confusing game of he, she or it?

With Stella’s gentle laugh, there’s not a man I can’t have,

with Marsha’s eat this brick fearlessness, there’s not a nothing that can stop me.

So, pass me my purse, sweetheart, for this world belongs to you and me.

About Jason Lie 1 Article
Jason writes short stories, poetry and tweets. His interest in poetry was discovered while completing Victoria University’s Professional Writing and Editing course. He is the 2017 Editor-in-Chief of Hyde, and his poems can be found in VU’s literary anthology, Offset 2016. His poem Pink War Paint was chosen by Australian Poetry as a standout in the anthology.