LUCY VAN #2: London Court

Jousting knights on the hour

Di, you know the statue was

Walter Raleigh


Yagan clicks, shopping for

kilt and Scotch finger


a mother in the rain

the end of a piano lesson

how quickly the day goes

how wicked—


why here, why now?

A quarter hour, a half hour

what is it with this

city and clocks

and Tudor style?

‘Life,’ she said, ‘is not like that’


she spoke of her father


Saint George and his Dragon

St Georges Terrace

an hour licked off the face


a song and dance marking

a before and an after she

becomes an episode

or a reason to

park at the hospital


not silence. Restraint


a two-hour phone call to

an orthodontist a baffled

apology/shingles blister

under the relentless blue


arcade-shaped schizoid in time, like any arcade no

after no after only time-zone:

Synchronome Co., London, El Dorado



past Fremantle

a white room where Boston ivy grows

through cracks