The Norwich Connection


Norwich Cathedral solstice day by fernando butcher @Flickr
Norwich Cathedral solstice day by fernando butcher @Flickr

There are 16,766 km, 3 oceans, a few seas and 11 hours time difference between Melbourne and the city of Norwich in the UK. This month The Suburban Review challenges space and time by attempting to bring these two Cities of Literature a little bit closer.


Our March resident is Norwich-based poet Rebecca Tamás, whose work explores witchcraft, female alterity and esoteric difference. It’s sexy as hell. It’s magic. It’s like ‘the air slapping itself’. Check out new pieces from her every Tuesday, and an interview with her at the end of the month.


We’ll also be hearing from Zoe Kingsley and Adam Keogh, our two UK-based Suburban Review crewmembers. We’ve asked them what they’re reading and who they’re crushing on (in a literary manner of course).


And finally we’ll be posting some Hints&Tips from Sam Jordison, editor at Galley Beggar Press. Galley Beggar is making waves as an ‘old-fashioned publisher for the 21st century’, prioritising ambitious, exciting work with literary merit over what might make it into the supermarkets. Sam will be telling us what makes him sit up and read on, what makes his eyes pop and what makes him snooze as he chews through the submissions list.


So join us this March as we take you on a literary tour of a city you’ve probably never heard of, but which you won’t easily forget. We’re saving you time, money and 30 hours of ready meals by Qantas—you can thank us later.