Artwork by Stephen Van
Artwork by Stephen Van

the tao that is the true tao

is the tao you make up when

steaming in your shower

+ all you can think about

is how at the party

you didnt feel like you

just kept drinking more

+ more until finally the world

turned into elements + you

turned into elements too

+ you couldnt wait to be

in your shower again

scrubbing water on skin

that fakest of tao + now

you are in that shower

+ maybe you are crying

or maybe you are not

but at least you are doing

so honestly


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SEAN WAI KEUNG studies MA Poetry at UEA, UK. His work was awarded the 2013 Farrago Zoo Award and his poems have appeared in Ariadne’s Thread and Fake Poems. He is digital editor for Lunar Poetry and recently helped raise money for their London Bookshop campaign. Find him here.