Alien for Breakfast

Artwork by Samuel Lewis
Artwork by Samuel Lewis

A feather of perception swaying

the lightest drizzle from a waterfall

searching correlatives

in the misty edge of speech

surfing bashful thoughts

flits of panic withdrawn

disjointed rituals of sound

— the night pageant a digression


as the shadow slips into the shower

the kettle squeals it back into the kitchen

the toaster performs its array of flickembers

clickflops under dutifully golden toast

and sleep consciousness dawns

its statue of salt

— the alien ready

to whisk the day once more into circles of logic


the light feather of perception dissolved

the hologram thickened for yet

another nine-to-five pact of life


it is now never

for anyone to know any less of

what servitudes life didn’t carry

compliances comfort didn’t shell

perils the body did take under the only shirt

of courage

the daily daring not to ebb

into the nine-to-five pact of life


black steaming coffee – the potion

to harness the alien into regular time