Impossible in Spaceports

Artwork by Grace Blake
Artwork by Grace Blake


suspend time-zones & air-condition
the environment
them melbourne-mumbai clocks on white-washed walls
in integer hour intervals
begin to non-exist
& nationhood in limbo
isolate & categorize, adopt disbelief
take care brother
only neon in transit spliced
jangling lights
think celebrate
it remains


the emerald lights arrive
them crimson bulbs instead mean empty
doubt becomes the nature of instinct
I say open the mind
because in the region between the impartial & the other
obtains the discussed object
open the possibility
one must remain
even the empiricist treats his own beliefs
as in a constant state of flux


outside the geography unchanged
but discontinuous
pungent the air
& the possible destinations burn the delicate
mucus membranes
the outsider suffers
the-looking-in complex
only in boarding does the wave function collapse
& people realize where is your next stop madam
zero identity
who cares the dead-eye deadbeat travellers
the real skeptic knows
this conditional empiricism
leads to impossible belief
all different the same