'I'm trying to relax' (taken from the installation 'Everyone feels something, even if it's nothing') by Todd Anderson-Kunert.
‘I’m trying to relax’ (taken from the installation ‘Everyone feels something, even if it’s nothing’)
by Todd Anderson-Kunert.

THE BATH IS confused at our nakedness and the lack of water inside her. She feels your back on her face, warm and pulsing. She feels my hands as they edge under your form to embrace you.

We are stripped in the bath, our breasts flattened against each other. The bills have not been paid since you walked out of your job at the casino, and so there is no water. We imagine there is no water left in the world.

You asked me to bring you in here. I was eating biscuits at the table with one socked foot up and leaning. I knew I was charming and I know you asked me to take your clothes off and bring you in here because you felt the love surge as you looked at me. I was selfishly charming, for you are weak.

I wonder as I lead you into the bathroom, so dreadfully nude and full of bones, whether you know I am leaving soon. You hide it well if you do. I told the bath about it yesterday. I stroked her cool, cream skin and smoked a greedy cigarette. She murmured blarney in my ears, her taps creaking.

You lift one leg in and then the other. I undress, follow and place myself upon you. The bath takes us well. She knows we will not be here long.